Frequently Asked Q's

Page-sale Questions
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Are there any pages not eligible for Autolikes?
Only Facebook pages are eligible for our Autolikes program. Personal profiles are not eligible, as there is no public record of your latest posts, and our system is unable to see your latest posts. For Instagram and Twitter pages, only profiles that are fully public are eligible for our program. Profiles with protected tweets and Instagram posts must be made public before signing up, or we're unable to see your posts.
Do you require login access to my social media account?
No. All of the work we do for your page is done without needing your credentials, so you don't have to worry about handing your password over. Your page is public, and our systems will crawl it automatically throughout the day to find your latest posts.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept most major credit cards. Large or bulk orders can be paid in advance by wire transfer, Bitcoin, or check, if credit card isn't an option. We don't accept PayPal, as PayPal doesn't allow businesses that sell social media services on their website. If you must use PayPal, you can look into signing up for a free PayPal MasterCard Debit card, which will draw from your PayPal funds and works like a credit card. You can sign up for it here.
Do you give any special deals for bulk orders?
Yes! We will upgrade all of your campaigns free of charge if you bring multiple pages on board with us. Simply sign up, then send us a message through our contact page and we will bump your campaigns up free of charge, which serves as a discount, since you'll be getting more expensive packages.
Is this service safe?
Yes! We've never had a single page harmed as a result from using our service. We've been in business for almost 10 years and have worked with thousands of fan pages. We use whitehat marketing methods, and everyone liking your page is a real human person, unlike some other auto like services. You're in good hands.
Billing Questions
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Is your payment platform secure? How do I know my card is safe?
We use as our payment gateway, which is fully PCI complaint. Our business is also PCI complaint, and we do not store any credit card details, as doesn't let us see your card details. Our site is also protected site-wide with a Comodo SSL certificate, so all of your transmitted information is secure. Your details are completely safe, and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your campaign at any time.
My payment isn't going through, what's going on?
It's likely your credit card is being declined, or there is a technical issue. Please contact us and we will look at our records and tell you what went wrong. Please check to make sure your billing address matches your card on file, and that all of your details are correct. If your card is still being declined, give the number on the back of your card a quick call to see what's going on. There may be some fraud filters on your card that is preventing your purchase from going through, if you don't use your card online very often, or if it's outside of your normal spending habits.
I'd like to cancel, how can I do that?
You can cancel at any time for any reason. Simply send us a message and we will cancel your campaign right away.
How can I upgrade/downgrade?
You can upgrade or downgrade your campaign at any time. To do so, simply place a new order on our site, then email us so we can cancel your old campaign and migrate all of your information.
I placed an order but my campaign hasn't started, what happened?
It generally takes a few days for us to set up a brand new campaign. If it's been longer than a few days, please email us and we will see what went wrong. It's possible your payment was declined or marked as fraudulent; we will let you know what's going on.
Technical Questions
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Are these real people?
Yes! These are real human sharers who are liking your posts. We don't use bots, proxies, or fake accounts to promote our clients posts. Everything we do is done manually, with the exception of fetching your latest posts, which we do automatically every hour with our content scrapers.
Can I decide which country my fans come from?
By default, all of our services are worldwide-only, which means we don't target you to any specific country. If you'd like us to target to a specific country, we can apply those settings for you, but the speed is generally cut drastically. Therefore, we don't recommend targeting to certain countries for larger campaigns, as it can take a long time for us to reach our quota. Some countries with a smaller readership is also not recommended, as we may not reach our quotas. We can target to the United States with most campaigns, as long as it is a smaller campaign. We recommend targeting Worldwide english-speaking users so that we can reach our quota and to maintain a consistent speed with our service.
Can I use your auto likes platforms for other social networks?
At the time of writing, we're only offering our auto likes service for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We may roll out other networks in the future, but these three social networks are the only platforms we currently offer our Autolikes service on.
Does this boost engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?
Every page is different, but our page is shown to improve the reach on most of our clients posts. We're reaching more people with every post that you make, which will slowly improve your engagement. The only exception is if there's something wrong with your posting habits; if you're publishing poor content, or acquiring fake fans from another service that are not reading your posts, your reach may decline despite our service growing your page.
Will any of these people engage or comment on my posts?
Yes, it's entirely possible, and with larger campaigns, even common. These are all real people, and we're not able to control what your fans are saying on your posts. If you see a comment that you're not happy with, we recommend deleting the comment, or blocking the user completely.
Custom Questions
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Do you do custom / bulk campaigns?
Yes! Send us a message through our contact page and we will give you a free quote. We work well with a large number of pages simultaneously, and can put together a special deal for your pages.
Do you have an agency or whitelabel program?
Yes! We work with many agencies, SEO, and social media companies to promote their pages. Please send us a message through our contact page and we'll get you started with everything you need. We give special rates for agencies, and recommend starting with a few profiles to test before rolling out to all of your clients.