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The Complete List of All Twitter Automation Tools

Twitter Automation Illustration

Twitter is a fantastic platform fraught with peril. On the one hand, it’s one of the best social networks available for customer service and brand engagement. On the other hand, it’s very easy to fall into a Twitter hole and waste hours of your time accomplishing virtually nothing of value.

That’s where I come in. I’ve compiled as large a list as I can of the various Twitter automation tools you could use. I haven’t done a lot of filtering – I haven’t used everything on this list, or even half of it – but I’ve tried to make sure that what I’ve listed below at the very least exists and is not likely to be a scam.

If you know of and use a tool you like that I haven’t put on the list, let me know in the comments. If a tool I’ve listed has closed down or is otherwise no longer available, likewise, let me know so I can remove it.

Oh, and before we begin, a disclaimer. Some of these tools have features or are designed entirely around gray or black hat strategies that can, potentially, get your account suspended. I’m simply providing a list of tools, you should learn what to do and what not to do before you put them to use.


Social Oomph Website

A basic Twitter automation platform with a wide variety of features, ranging from tweet scheduling to multi-account access. Available in both a free and a paid version, the paid version adding features for other social networks as well as Twitter.


Crowdfire Homepage

A fairly robust social media management platform. You can analyze your followers, schedule tweets, and perform competitor monitoring. You can also use it for content discovery and curation, automatic publishing from other platforms, and more. Available in a limited free version and several paid plans.


Manage Flitter

A Twitter enhancement tool. With it, you can run deep searches to find relevant content and users to follow or interact with. You can also unfollow inactive accounts, schedule and engineer powerful tweets, and use their recommended content engine to schedule a feed quickly and easily.


Agora Pulse

A platform with a variety of useful tools. You can engage with users with one central feed for replies, mentions, and DMs. You can monitor for keywords, hashtags, and untagged mentions. You can publish content on your editorial schedule, and collaborate with team members. And, of course, analytics.

Audiense Connect


One of two Audience offerings, connect is the Twitter platform. It has a chatbot engine to manage enterprise-level customer service filtering, and a marketing platform with community management, listening tools, and audience advertising insights.


Tweriod Site

A very simple app that helps analyze when your tweets are performing the best, and allows you to schedule future content to be posted at the same general timing. It’s completely free.



One of the largest and best known social media management platforms. Hootsuite has something for everyone, covering pretty much every possible base, between the standard platform and the variety of available extensions.


A content curation app that allows you to accumulate interesting stories from around the web, both through recommendations and through your own browsing. You can schedule them to be posted on your social networks, including Twitter, automatically.

Storm It

Storm It

A mobile app for Android or iOS. This app allows you to compose single long messages and will automatically break them up into “tweetstorms” to post sequentially in a reply chain, so you don’t have to manually mess with every line break.


Now Twitter-owned, this app is a sort of advanced mode for Twitter. You can set up multiple streams, including individual streams for notifications, messages, lists, and hashtags. Everything is presented on one screen to make it easier to manage.



A small app that hooks into Twitter and allows you to run surveys. It’s similar to other stand-alone survey apps except it’s more designed for Twitter usage. It allows you to get around the limitations on Twitter polls.


An app by the same developers as the poll app above. It allows you to rope your Twitter account into your marketing by providing coupons and discount codes your followers can claim.



A free snapshot report of the analytics for virtually any account. The snapshot can show you data about accounts and about hashtags, or even just for keywords. Useful for research when you’re developing a marketing plan.


A very simple app that pulls data from your analytics once you authorize it, and graphs your data in a few ways that you might not otherwise think to view.


Buffer App

It had to make the cut, right? Buffer is one of the best content curation and scheduling apps available. There’s not really much to say about it; if you want a consistently high quality content stream, Buffer is one way to do it.


A free and open source version of Buffer’s best features. It’s not as robust or as easy to use as Buffer, but since it’s open source, you can find developers to help you expand it and customize it to exactly the specifications you want to use.


GroupTweet Homepage

A single app with posting privileges. The app is designed to allow multiple team contributors to create content for one specific Twitter feed. It’s more secure than sharing passwords with multiple people, and is cheaper than many of the high-level platforms that include this feature in high tier plans.

A social media management app that has a range of typical features. You can manage your community, purge inactive accounts, cross-post content on various networks at once, monitor your DMs and replies in one place, and personalize several other features to meet your unique needs.



An odd little platform that attempts to turn Twitter feeds into community spaces and chatrooms. It’s a little strange, but some people like to twist their platforms into forms they prefer, so maybe this is something you’d be interested in.


A Twitter alerts and monitoring app. Create alerts and the app will monitor searches, hashtags, and accounts in real time, notifying you when new content appears in any of those feeds. Great for social listening and fast responses.


Tweepi Homepage

A full automation bot. Add in a list of hashtags and users you want to target. The app will then identify other relevant users and content, which allows you to engage with the target community and earn more follows.

Tweeter Karma

A very simple app that scans your followers and the people you follow, identifying those who haven’t posted or who are largely inactive, which allows you to unfollow them if you desire.


A follower management app. This one identifies potential followers based on filters you can apply. You can then use its recommendations to engage with them and convince them to follow you.

Friend Or Follow

Friend or Follow Homepage

Another app with the same purpose as the previous few. It scans your accounts – Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more – and allows you to prune out the people you don’t want following you.

WordPress Jetpack

Not really an app. Jetpack is a series of enhanced tools that layer on top of WordPress and allow you to perform a variety of advanced functions. Some of those functions include scheduled posting to Twitter when you post new content, as well as configuring Twitter cards automatically.


Quoo Manage Accounts

A combination content suggestion engine and Twitter management team. This app basically just recommends content to you so that you can share it immediately or schedule it for future publication, based on the needs of your feed. Content claims to be hand-picked by their curation team.


A very powerful content curation engine. Works with several different social networks as well as Twitter. Allows you to schedule and curate content from a variety of sources, to a variety of destinations, as simply or as messily as you want to set it up.

Content Studio

Content Studio App

Another content recommendation platform. This one has a lot of emphasis on trending content from a bunch of different channels, including Twitter trends, news articles, and their own content channels. Curate and schedule content or post it immediately if it’s relevant enough.


A general content awareness and social listening platform. This app helps you identify when you’re being mentioned anywhere on the web, ranging from social media like Twitter and Facebook to any blog in their huge index of data. You can then reach out immediately to address problems, offer compensation, answer questions, and generally improve your relationships with your users.


A drip-feed app that hooks into your blog. Whenever you publish a piece of content, it is automatically schedule to drip out to your social feeds repeatedly for the next year. Includes functions to choose how frequently content should be shared and if any specific content shouldn’t be recycled.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach Site

A platform that helps you identify powerful influencers in your niche and assists you with reaching out to network with them. It’s a very powerful method for growing your influence through the influence of others.


A Twitter growth platform. The primary feature of this app is the ability to pick a target account and then proceed with copying their best followers. Engage with those followers and follow them to encourage return follows that grow your account.


One of the most powerful social media research tools available. You can put together an entire comprehensive social media strategy just using their tools and guides. Can be expensive, or you can use their free tools.


Mention Site

Another broad-spectrum social listening tool that helps you find when people are talking about you and allows you to address customer concerns as close to immediately as possible.


A Moz tool, this is a deep dive into Twitter analytics above and beyond what Twitter’s native analytics can provide. Includes influencer networking features, plenty of visualizations, and exportable reports.


An automation engine. You have a variety of possible triggers that can cause something to happen on Twitter, as well as a variety of different Twitter triggers that can cause other events to happen, ranging from emails to push notifications and more. Compare to Zapier, a similar engine with a similar array of integrations and triggers.


Evergreen Feed Signup

A content recycling platform. Whenever you publish a piece of content you want to get extra exposure, this engine will allow you to schedule it repeatedly throughout the coming months. Keep old content alive, keep a social feed active, and get traffic you might have missed the first or second times around.

Tweet Attacks Pro

A massive bulk account management app. Designed with black hat botnets in mind, this app allows you to manage thousands of accounts at once with dedicated proxy server lists, different strings of content and potential actions, and a relatively cheap one-time fee.


TweetDrip Service

A drip marketing campaign engine for Twitter. Very similar in many ways to email drip campaigns, only disseminated on Twitter instead. Simple and easy to use, with both free and paid plans.


An agency-level Twitter management app designed to allow teams to collaborate on managing multiple clients and their feeds at the same time. Includes publishing tools, analytics, a custom CRM, social listening, and more.

Click To Tweet

A plugin for websites that allows you to create pre-generated tweets that users can send with one click. Also allows users to highlight specific sections of text and tweet those immediately.

Dead services: Tweet Adder, Twitter Feed. Both of these services shut their doors when Twitter changed their API. Others may be added to this list as services close down.

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